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    Anyone have any comments for employment at this place?

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    I have known several people that have worked there. Based solely on their comments, I feel that there is a great deal to be learned there on how to properly run a business.
    As a business guru; if I may, their foundation appears flawed. Quality employees should be cherished as they are not a “Dime a Dozen”! A quality staff makes a quality product.
    Reward those on merit and not on conformity. Conformity leads to complacency and leads to mistakes and injuries. Mistakes and injuries lead to more time and revenue loss.
    Again, this is solely based on conversations I have had with others who have worked there and is therefore not factual but and opinion.
    I do love the pizzas and employment with any company has its risks.

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    pete zaman

    Ya I work there. Latley it really sucks.
    Cutting our hours and finding ways to make work not fun.
    O use to like my job and now not sure if I will even have one t end of summer.

    Would no longer recommend it here if you have family, want job security, want respect or any thong like that.

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    john smoth

    Nestle pizza little Chute sucks. Only ass kisses can get a head.

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    john smoth

    I wasted years and lots of money getting a degree.

    I know this because today at work, I saw a guy making $24 per hour to take pics of line sensors and put little pink dots on a line diagram. All whole pushing a little cart for his paper and box of dots

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    Tom Betts

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    nestle has downsized bakery 8 and line 5 like 7 and 2. they have no consideration for its employees and their familys.
    time to get a new job

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