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    I personally will no longer purchase from or use any Kolosso Dealership.

    Last year, I bought my second Dodge from Kolosso and it was the worst experience ever. The closing agent for Kolosso (Mike) screwed up on the paperwork by $100 on a %100 financed through my bank deal. Because of his mistake the Dealership cheated me out of my 5 piece floor mats.

    When I tried to contact Ryan Kolosso, he refused toreturn any of my calls.
    When I finally reached him, he told me that my business was not important enough to justify making good on the floor mats

    Today, while getting my last free oil change, I am again frustrated with their service.. I asked if there would check to see why my driver door no longer works properly. The told me we can schedule a separate appointment to have it looked at but it would be over a week and a half.
    They then tell me that my drain plug is bad and it will cost $8.99.
    They are the only ones who have touched the oil for the 3 prior oil changes. The vehicle is only 5 years old with 68,000 miles.

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    Kyle Betts

    I’ve had many issues also. Lies and cheats.
    Now buy in Kaukauna from bergstrom dodge.

    Ryan Kolosso is a total asshole.

    Take the silver spoon out of you ASS.
    oops, sorry. I mean mouth.

    No. I mean ASS.

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    Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer • 9780374537159

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