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Gas prices on the rise with KwikTrip leading the way.

Gas prices rising in the Fox Cities.

Now that everyone has jumped to $1.79, KwikTrip again raises their price first to $ $1.84.


For the past week, KwikTrip has lead the price hike by being the first to increase prices.  Then once every once matches them, they raise their price even higher .


It brings into question their slogan, ” Not just in your community but part of it.”

Kwik Trip at it again. 1st to go Up to $1.79

Kwik Trip continues to be the first to go raise prices at the pump.

Diesel-CNG fueling island in Appleton, Wisc.

 Appleton, WI 

Kwik Trip driving up Gas Prices in the Fox Cities

For last few weeks, Kwik Trip has been rising gas prices being the first to go up. Others folliw with 2 days time. Then Kwik Trip goes up again.

“Part of the Community” ???

Groundhog Day 2016: Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring

GroundhogThe weather-prognosticating groundhog did not see his shadow as he emerged from his burrow in western Pennsylvania at sunrise on Tuesday.

Let’s protect America!


Happy Independence Day



Fox Cities


Hello Fox Cities Wisconsin!

Welcome to

This site is designed to Promote Fox Cities’ Businesses by word of mouth.  This site will offer a varity of resources for you to see and hear what others are saying about the businesses in the area based on experiences they themselves have encountered.

Some of the categories will include: Work Places, Restaurants, Rentals & Landlords, Home Buying & Realtors, Shopping and More.

We will also share Local Resources like Schools, Municipalities, and Local Yard, Rummage and Garage Sales.

This site is built for you.  Feel free to make suggestions or ideas for a better site.

Thank you in advance for visiting.  Please excuse the construction as we build this site. Team.